Yakushima Island

The west-coastal part of Yakushima Island is covered with precious laurel forest, registered in the world natural heritage of UNESCO. Yakushima macaques and deer are living in the forest with high density, and plant-animal interaction is one of important processes to keep the forest in good shape.

left, Pinus armandii var. amamiana on steep and rocky ridges:
right, Pinus almandii var. amamiana with strangler fig.

For conservation of Pinus armandii var. amamiana, we have researched suitable site for its regeneration and co-existing mechanism with broad-leaved trees.

left, a young female of Macaca fuscata yakui:
right, Ficus superba var. japonica, one of main food items of the macaques.

We are tying to evaluate the effectiveness of macaque seed dispersal on forest regeneration.


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