Aya Research Site
Long-Term Ecological Research Site

Left, Outside view of the Aya Research Site: Right, Inside view of the site

In 1989, we established the Aya Research Site in a warm temperate old-growth evergreen broad-leaved forest, southwestern Japan. At the site, we are conducting the following researche topics.

Above mentioned works are collaborated with Shin-ichi YAMAMOTO (Nagoya University), Tohru MANABE (Kitakyushu Museum and Institute of Natural History), Naohiko NOMA (The University of Shiga Prefecture), Naoyuki NISHIMURA (Nagoya Sangyo University), Yohsuke KOMINAMI (Shizuoka University), Dai NAGAMATSU (Tottori University), Kaoru NIIYAMA (FFPRI) , Hiroyuki TANOUCHI (FFPRI) and Tamotsu SATO (FFPRI).

On 3 September 1993, a severe typhoon caused disturbances to the Aya Research Site, especially to crest slopes and upperside slopes.

After the typhoon, some trees were damaged such as uproot and stem breakage. Density and basal area of tree species were decreased drastically. On the other hand, canopy openness and litterfall mass were increased.

Left, Stem breakage of Quercu acuta: Right, Uproot of Distylium racemosum

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